Record Point

Fife Council Uses RecordPoint to Reduce Cost and Achieve Compliance Goals with Centralized Management of Paper Records

Fife Council's infrastructure was already in place. Having successfully started to implement an EDRMS solution using SharePoint 2013 On-Premises, and RecordPoint On-Premises they then turned again to RecordPoint when managing 17,000 paper archive boxes across multiple record stores became a problem.


Fife Council, like many organizations and agencies, had identified several buildings that were no longer appropriate for storing their paper records. A project was initiated to bring all these records under one roof. This was a multi-Service collaboration project between Building Services, Business Support, and Business Technology Solutions (IT Services). A primary goal of the project is to "improve the governance of the documents that we hold, simplify the administration of record management processes, and support adherence to records management policies." From a governance perspective, compliance was always a key driver for the project, "It's about being able to easily find and retrieve records when you need them, to make sure that you know where everything is, and to ensure that we are using best practice wherever possible."

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